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Why Canada is the Ultimate Destination for International Students

Student Analysis

Our team of counsellors are committed to help students by explaining various available options and choices of various countries, universities and courses based on the information given by the student. This would help us to decide on suitable course for a student and then provide him/her the options for the Universities/Colleges abroad.

Information and Guidance

Complete information of different courses in universities/ colleges is then provided to the student with respect to the above analysis. University’s eligibility criteria and course content is then checked with student’s interest to ensure a “perfect match”. Also, we provide further information about the university through Brochures and websites for student reference.


Test Preparation Training

Study Abroad/ Migration or job abroad, whatever be your reason, our experienced Trainers will help you prepare with confidence and focus to secure high band scores in IELTS/ PTE / TOEFL / GRE and other standardized tests. With state-of-the-art infrastructure/ language lab coupled with highly experienced and certified trainers, latest study aids. Personal attention and numerous mock exercises would be conducting by us, a high band score is just a logical outcome.
We have created many winners out of ordinary folks you can be the next. want to enrol for result oriented IELTS PTE OET TOEFL Training?

University Selection

Globalnexus represents reputed Universities / Institutes worldwide. This gives students an option to select the destination where they would like to pursue their studies. Universities and colleges abroad offer students an extensive range of courses and options. We assist a student in selecting just the right university with respect to Ranking, Location, Courses offered, Budget. We also provide them with all the information they need about the location, resources, facilities and accommodation available at a chosen university.

Application and Documentation

The entire application to the respective universities selected by the students is done by us. We help our students with all the documentation like mark sheets, bank’s documents, property papers, financial proofs etc. These documents are then attested to prove their originality and authenticity. An application is supported by these documents and is sent across to the university.
An application forwarded to the University/ College for admission must have all the relevant documents. These documents must be prepared carefully and presented precisely to make a positive impression on the authorities. These documents are the first communication any student makes with the university; hence it holds great importance in terms of substance and presentation.


We follow-up this application, by staying in touch with the university authorities to ensure that a student gets the offer letter in time to make an application for visa.

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Scholarships Assistance

On occasion where a scholarship is available – we help students to avail the benefit of the scholarship. (Some of the Unis / Colleges offer up to 50% Scholarship)

Education Loan Assistance

We offer bank loan assistance, all through the way, from loan application to documentation to liaison with private and national banks to ensure you have a hassle-free education loan to meet tuition and living expenses overseas.

We at Globalnexus understand that majority of students who want to pursue foreign education require bank loans, availing them, at times becomes a nightmare for both parents and students with an endless number of visits to the bank, furnishing of various documents, etc., which takes a heavy toll on their psyche. It is often observed that many fail in the attempt, not because they are ineligible but simply because they are not properly guided. This is where our bank loan assistance comes in handy. We at Globalnexus provide credible advice and assistance to secure education loans. We have close tie-ups with banks that readily offer loans to students who plan to Study Abroad.

Am I eligible for a bank loan?

The eligibility criteria of the bank to obtain an educational loan from any bank in India are as follows

Documents I need to furnish.

Visa Application and Documentation

Once the offer letter arrives and the Institute has confirmed student’s admission an application for student visa has to be made. Our team of experts guide the student with getting all required documentation necessary for this procedure, get them attested, file them in a sequential format and how to direct them to the Consulate in time for approval.

Visa Interview Preparation

Getting a visa could be a tough nut to crack, but with our mock interview preparation you have nothing to worry about when the real interview date approaches.

Airline Ticket Bookings

We have tie ups with travel agencies that would book the tickets through the most suitable and affordable airline. We also provide information the students as to what they must carry as luggage comprising of their basic requirements and also of specific requirements according to the institute, location and course. We have connections with travel agencies, which provides air tickets to our students at concessional rates. Students are welcome to make use of this service, if desired.

Pre-departure Briefings

Predeparture briefings will help students to understand the place where they will be studying and living, the do’s and don’ts regarding the same. We advise them on climatic conditions, foreign exchange, travel, airport pick-up by an institutional staff, accommodation, clothing, opening a bank account etc. A seminar for pre-departure briefings is arranged for all the students (With Visa Approvals)

Accommodation Assistance

A comfortable and safe accommodation makes all the difference to your study abroad experience. Whether you need a temporary place to stay in when you first arrive or a permanent option, our dedicated travel desk team can help find the best accommodation options of all nature and budget from motels, hotels and homestays not far away from students chosen institutions and with accessibility to basic provisions and infrastructure. If needed, we carry out the entire documentation procedure on students’ behalf and can also link them up with landlords of available properties. Whatever be the option you select, we ensure that the accommodation finding phase does not turn out to be a harrowing time to students and parents.

Post Arrival Assistance

Our post landing assistance ensures that you feel at home in your new country. Our associates will provide all necessary post landing assistance to ensure a smooth transition to the new country, which includes services like airport pick up, temporary accommodation, guidance on part-time jobs, etc.
We understand that the migration process does not end with arrival at the destination, in fact, it only begins as the majority of students go through an anxious phase settling in a new country where they require a few basic things organized before embarking on their studies. From the moment you land we make sure you are made to feel at home. From airport pick up to accommodation, from transportation to opening a bank account and getting a mobile phone our associates are there at your disposal. It is only after our students settle down that we feel we have completed our task.

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Get the right student health cover while studying abroad

Congratulations! You’ve made a great decision to study abroad. We’re here to make the process easy, finding the best cover to suit your needs.

Why do I need a student health cover?

  • It helps cover you for medical expenses while you’re studying abroad, including:
  • Doctor on Call or visits
  • Hospital
  • Emergency Ambulance
  • Medicine Prescription

Find your home away from home

Choosing where to live is a big decision. You’ll want to love where you live, so you can get the most from your international study experience. You need to feel safe, with access to people that can support you when needed.

Banking for International Students

Keeps your money safe and secure as you study overseas!

Setting up your finances prior to arrival at your study destination makes things easier when you get there.

Some financial institutions offer specialised products or discounts for students

Access mobile banking – making it easy to pay your friends using their phone number or pay in shops by tapping your mobile.

We’ve teamed up with trusted financial institutions in your destination. Just ask our friendly counsellor to help you with Student Banking!

Get Obligation FREE Consultation with us.

We offer no Obligation consultation to assess and advise you right path to achieve your goals including Education, Migration or Career.

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