Acting schools in the USA | Check out the top 7 schools!

Acting schools in the USA | An overview

The USA is home to renowned acting schools. The expert acting faculty of these schools are trained artists who know what it takes to become successful actors. An acting degree from a reputable acting school helps you gain credibility and access to desirable projects in the acting industry.

The exposure that the acting schools in the USA provide goes a long way in the artist’s career. The country houses some of the best acting schools with unique and intriguing curriculums for kids and adults. From dancing and singing to acting, these acting schools sharpen all the skills of an actor. If you also love entertaining the audience as an actor, our list of acting schools will help you find the right one.

Top 7 acting schools in USA

Acting schools play a crucial role in nurturing aspiring actors and providing them with the necessary skills to succeed in the competitive world of performing arts. If you’re passionate about acting and dream of honing your craft, attending a top acting school can be a significant step towards achieving your goals.

1. American Film Institute

American Film Institute is one of the leading national acting schools in the USA that renders quality acting education for budding artists and directors from around the globe. This acting institute is operational through public membership fees and private funding. The faculty of AFI consists of experts from film, academic, entertainment, and business communities, building its students to be the newest stars with holistic acting education.

2. Boston University School of Theatre

Boston University School of Theatre is among the best film acting schools in the USA that allows budding artists to learn acting at their own pace. The school offers the finest acting education driven by various techniques and practices. Once you join this acting school, you will be a part of dramas, plays, and musicals that will hone your skills for grabbing bigger projects. The Boston acting school runs its acting classes in the New York University’s studio, providing a wide range of entertainment courses for budding actors.

3. Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama

Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama is the first acting school in the USA to be developed within the same premises as the university. This acting school offers a four-year acting course for acting enthusiasts from around the globe. The acting faculty focuses on polishing your acting skills step by step. It is one of the most sought-after acting schools in the USA for international students as the acceptance rate of this acting institute is higher than others.

4. The Juilliard School, Drama Division

The Drama division of The Juilliard School goes beyond the classic acting curriculum in a course. This acting and drama school harmonizes your body, spirit, and voice to deliver the best acting experience to the audience. The school hosts many acting workshops, run by alumni of the institutions and various guest artists. The curriculum of the Juilliard School focuses on acting and playwriting as its core subjects. However, there are many degree music courses to explore your interest in dance and music.

5. Tisch School of the Arts, NYU

Tisch School of the Arts, NYU is one of the best film acting schools in the USA that gives tough competition to other leading acting schools in the USA. This acting school offers many courses in arts, drama, cinematic studies, singing, direction, and other sub-majors. The Tisch acting school welcomes amateur actors of all age groups to sharpen their acting skills from scratch. This acting school has also guided and honed the skills of singers like Lady Gaga. The acting institute also provides scholarships to deserving artists from time to time.

6. Columbia University (New York City)

Columbia University is one of the famous acting schools in USA for movies and TV shows. The undergraduate acting programs of this acting school focus more on academic theory while working on student short films to gain hands on-set experience. At the same time, the graduate programs are designed to keep practical filmmaking as the prime focus. Columbia University houses acting enthusiasts worldwide and is the most diverse acting school in the USA. The Disney Animation Chief Jennifer Lee is one of its notable alumni.

7. The University of North Carolina School of Arts

The University of North Carolina School of Arts is among the best acting schools in the USA that gives industry-like exposure to artists. The expert acting faculty of this acting school lets you explore and use your best creativity and imagination. The course curriculum also offers voice-over classes and acting academics apart from acting workshops. You can even choose and personalize your acting curriculum with dancing, drama, music, design, and production majors.

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