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Everything You Need to Know About Torrens University      

Are you looking to study in Australia? Torrens University might be the perfect fit for you. With a diverse selection of courses across various fields, the university prioritizes practical, industry-driven education to set you up for success. Keep reading to discover what Torrens University has to offer.

Torrens University | An overview

Torrens University is one of the topmost private higher educational institutes in Australia. It was approved by the Government of South Australia in 2011 and became the 33rd university in the country. It is also an international for-profit university that has also been registered as a vocational training organization in the country. Let’s discuss more facts, like campuses, courses, and ranking of Torrens University, in detail.

More details about Torrens University

The university has multiple campuses in Australia, most of which are located in well-connected cities. These are cities like – 

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide
  • Gold Coast
  • Blue Mountains, Australia
  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Suzhou, China

Torrens University first began its initial classes in the Adelaide city center campus. Presently, the number of enrolled students at this Australian university is about 21,000. It is the only university in Australia and New Zealand and is a Certified B Corporation among four global institutions. This certification signifies that the university has verified high-performance standards, transparency, and accountability across five crucial areas — the environment of the college, students, staff, community, and governance.

Schools and research centers at Torrens University

Torrens University is home to various schools and research centers that offer cutting-edge programs and advanced research initiatives in diverse fields. These centers provide students with a holistic learning experience and equip them with industry-relevant skills to succeed in their careers. Let’s discover more about these schools and research centers at Torrens University.


  • APM College of Business and Communication

Established over two and a half decades ago, it offers journalism, business degrees, and diplomas for vocational fields in business and media. It also helps a student to have a pathway opportunity into a master’s degree.

  • Billy Blue College of Design

Designers created this institution for aspiring professional designers. The college began its journey as a magazine and transitioned along the way, becoming one of the eminent design schools in the country. 

  • Chifley Business School 

Chifley Business School was established two decades ago and offers management courses and also offers various PG courses in management, resources, engineering, and IT.

torrens university

A leading institution for practical, industry-focused education. 

  • Media Design School 

This ever-popular media school at Torrens University has excellent programs to train graduates for digital and technological enterprises.

  • Real Madrid Graduate School (Universidad Europea)

Launched in 2006, this school was started to train students in all sports-related disciplines. The school offers courses that are ideal for athletes and their trainers.

  • Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) 

Launched in 1991, the school offers courses and programs in hotel management. According to QS Rankings and other ranking agencies, the school is ranked at the top in the Oceania region. 

  • Torrens University Language Centre (TULC) 

This language school was launched around two and a half decades ago, in 1995. The center offers general and academic English courses to international students.

  • William Blue College of Hospitality Management 

It is a private hospitality college on the campus of Torrens University, which offers diploma courses, associate and bachelor’s degrees, and other industry-related programs. This school also provides placement.

Research institutes and centers

There are multiple research centers and institutes within the campus of the institute: 

  • The Centre of Artificial Intelligence Research and Optimization (AIRO)

The program’s focus is on advanced techniques in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning, and it achieves this through cutting-edge research in the field of Optimization. It is ideal for students who are interested in studying these fields at an advanced level.

  • The Centre for Organizational Change and Agility (COCA) 

This research center has PhDs researching in the field of accounting, global project management, finance, supply chain, business, entrepreneurship, and related commercial areas like strategy and organizational behavior.   

  • The Centre for Healthy Futures (CHEF)

Research for treating and preventing chronic diseases is conducted at this center. Here enhancement of individual well-being is observed and investigated through analysis of lifestyle, environmental and economic factors that impact the quality of life of an individual. This research helps in understanding the healthcare systems, both public and private. It also helps to assess the impact of these improvisations on a specific sample size and the whole population. 

  • Centre for Public Health, Equity, and Human Flourishing (PHEFH)

In this center, transdisciplinary research is conducted to deal with complex and vital public health issues in the present times.

  • Public Health Information Development Unit (PHIDU)

PHIDU was established with funding from the Australian Government in 1999; it provides mass spectrum health-related information across an individual’s lifespan. Since 2008, PHIDU has offered free online access to a range of data for other Ph.D. researchers. Since November 2015, Torrens University Australia has been focusing on publishing health statistics in small areas for observational studies of other PHA.

Popular programs at the Torrens University

There are many popular programs that you can study at the university. Given below are the most enrolled courses in the university.

B.Com3 years
BBA3 years
B.E/B.Tech3 years
BHM3 years
MPH1.5 years
MS2 years
MBA1.5 to 2 years

Ranking of Torrens University

Torrens University and its schools rank highly in almost every ranking system. The Media Design School ranks 1 in New Zealand and #2 in Australia. Billy Blue is placed at 7 in Animation Career Review’s 2022 Global College Ranking.

The MBA program has the tier-one spot in CEO Magazine’s 2022 global rankings. This recognition shows that the Australian university provides high-quality education. Internationally, it is a part of the top 3000 universities list.

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