Immigrant visa interview frequently asked questions | Top 10 questions

Planning to settle in a different country is not all roses; a long process is due before you pack your bags and head over to catch a flight; the process is visa obtainment. An immigration visa enables eligible applicants to stay in a foreign country. Before proceeding with the immigrant visa interview frequently asked questions, let’s read a little more about it.

An immigration visa is granted after a detailed interview with the applicant to know their immigration reason and if they are eligible to move to another country or not. The process is followed by lengthy documentation and permits required to make it to the final stage of the visa approval process, which is the interview stage.

Immigrant visa interviews frequently asked questions

The questions are not solely based on your comprehensive documents. All in all, authorities ask various other questions to check the applicant’s credibility. Knowing what type of questions you can expect in such interviews can help ease your tension, so why not look at some of these frequently asked visa immigration questions to prepare for your interview?

#1. Have you ever been to the country? If yes, what visa did you apply for?

It is one of the most common immigrant visa interviews and frequently asked questions. Explain your previous visa type or the interview process, but keep it brief. Authorities are likely to ask whether you have already been to the visa-applied country or not. Let them know your answer honestly, as your passport would mention it too.

#2. Are you traveling with someone else?

Someone who has applied to immigrate with you on the same date may have a chance of getting interviewed along with you or by the same authorities. However, if they have applied for a different date, they will have a separate interview. Nevertheless, let the immigration officer know your answer.

#3. Tell us about the company you are working for.

If you are moving to work in the relevant country, you have to notify the interviewer about the company, working details, how you got the job, work location, etc. Any suspicion may lead the immigration officer to contact your office to confirm your identity and details further. This immigrant visa interview frequently asked question is a pretty essential one!

#4. Where else have you worked before?

Work history tells a lot about your credibility and work ethic. Chances are, authorities can contact your previous employers to learn more about you. That’s why be as specific and honest as possible.

#5. How, where, and when did you meet your spouse?

If you are married, answer these personal questions accurately to cement the immigration officer’s trust. Authorities have encountered many situations where petitioners lie about their relationships and marriage plans.

#6. Did you ever work in the country without authorization?

Working without authorization has various penalties attached to it. Answering these questions with complete honesty can help you find assistance with relevant authorities to have as few repercussions as possible, but lying can invite deeper issues.

#7. Where do you currently live?

Briefly answer details about your residence for the last five years and your hometown.

#8. How long have you been residing at your current address?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions by the authorities. If you have moved to your residence due to work-related business or other personal reasons, let authorities know with your current address.

#9. Do you owe any tax to your state government?

As noted, immigration authorities have their threads with higher authorities to know details of any information. Hence, if you lie on your documents or during interviews, you will get caught. Explain the situations with honesty if the taxes are still due and in the process of getting paid.

#10. Do you ever plan on returning to your home country?

As they say, there is nothing like home. Hence, authorities may ask this question to understand if you are eligible to get an immigrant visa or not. All in all, if you plan on settling permanently in the applied country, let the authorities know about it.

Immigrant visa interview frequently asked questions | Dos and don’ts

  1. Prepare yourself for the immigration visa interview with a few frequently asked questions.
  2. Do not forget to bring the required documentation during the interview process.
  3. Try to visit authorities on time, and do not lose patience or refuse to answer the questions, even if you find them unimportant.
  4. In the immigrant visa interview, frequently asked questions, what you deem unimportant may play a massive role in checking your credibility.

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