Study in Australia Student Visa: A Complete Guide

The Australia student visa, often referred to as a study in Australia visa, is designed for non-Australian students enrolled in part-time or full-time courses at any Australian institute or university. The most common Australian student visa is Subclass 500, with a maximum validity of up to five years. In addition to Subclass 500, there are various subclasses of Australian student visas tailored to different study purposes and durations. Furthermore, foreign or international students who aspire to pursue higher education in Australia can readily apply for a student visa, facilitating their study in Australia journey.

Australia Student Visa Categories

Below mentioned are various Australian student visa categories. Eligible students can opt for any of these visas depending on their circumstances:

 Subclass 500- This visa is for all international students who wish to pursue any full-time degree in Australia. This visa permits them to stay in Australia for 5 years with or without a guardian or family members. 

Subclass 570- This visa is for those international students who wish to stay in Australia to study a full-time English Language Intensive Course (ELICOS). 

Subclass 571- This visa category is for international students who want to stay in Australia and study a full-time course. The courses may include primary, secondary, junior or senior exchange programs.

Subclass 572- This subclass visa is for students enrolled in any full-time vocational education or training courses. It can also include certificate and advanced diploma courses.

Subclass 573- This visa is for all international students enrolled in full-time higher-level courses, including bachelor’s, graduate or graduate diplomas. 

Subclass 574- This type of visa is for the students who wish for any doctoral program, therefore, a postgraduate degree. 

Subclass 575- This subclass visa is for international students who want to study non-award foundation courses or any other full-time course that does not lead to an Australian award in Australia.

Subclass 576- This visa is for full-time courses for international students whose course fee is sponsored by Defense or AusAID.

Subclass 580- This visa is for international students who wish to stay in Australia as a guardian for another international student below or above 18 years of age studying abroad in Australia on a student visa.

As per the latest Australian government guideline, the government has relaxed the working hours for international students studying in Australia on a student visa. Under normal circumstances, students can work for only 40 hours a fortnight in any economic sector. But due to emerging covid cases, the government has allowed international students to work for more than 40 hours per fortnight before their courses resume. 

Cost Of Visa to Study in Australia

The average cost of an Australian student visa is AUD 650-1,020, depending upon the category of the visa students have applied for. Students have the flexibility to pay the visa fee using various payment methods, including MasterCard, VISA, or American Express credit cards, making the application process for studying in Australia convenient and accessible.

Documents Required: Study Abroad in Australia

Students need to submit some required documents before applying for a visa. Here are all the important documents that are a prerequisite for applying for any subclass Australian student visa:

Proof of enrollment in the Australian institute or college.

Duly signed and filled VISA application form.

An overseas student health cover. If you fall in any exemption  category, then it is not necessary. 

A welfare arrangement proof or document if you are less than 18 years of age. 

Financial Evidence: Students need to show evidence of their financial ability that will be able to pay the required tuition fee, living expenses, travel expenses and other miscellaneous expenses. The living expenses in Australia will depend on where you choose to stay. According to the Australian Student VISA rules, the minimum funds required in your bank account as proof of financial evidence for a single student should be around or more than 62,222 AUD.

The living costs that students need to take care of is around AUD 21,1041 in Australia. 

Students also need to submit the following docs:

  •     Visa application fee receipt
  •     Temporary Entrance Statement 
  •     Academic and work experience documents 
  •     Proof of English proficiency test TOFEL, IELTS
  •     Statement of purpose
  •     Birth certificate
  •     Letter of recommendation

How to Apply for the Study in Australia Visa

These are the steps that students need to follow to apply for the Australian student VISA:

Step 1: Students need a letter of acceptance or confirmation from the institute they have applied for. In addition, the students must have the required funds in their bank account to prove their financial ability.

Step 2: Is to get all the financial and academic documents, including the passport, in place. 

Step 3: Students must create an account on the online portal of the immigration authorities of Australia. After that, students can apply for a visa online. 

Step 4: Students must fill in all the necessary details in the application, including their nationality, CoE code, personal and family details, work experience etc. In addition, students must start the visa application process at least 124 days before their course starts. 

Step 5: After filling in the details, students need to submit the application fee that can be made using VISA or MasterCard 

Step 6: After paying the fee, students have to appear for a full body health check-up followed by an interview.  

Premium Visa Services for Studying Abroad in Australia

In most cases (especially subclass 500 visas), students can get their visas in 5-6 weeks. In addition, 90% of visas are processed within 42 days. But if students need the visas urgently, they can opt for Premium services. In the premium visa service, students get the advantage of getting a quick decision on their visa application. The premium services allow students to get their VISA application processed within 5-7 days.

Where To Apply

For Biometrics, You must visit global VISA application center. We hope students have no doubts or questions regarding the Australian student visa. If you want any further information regarding the visa process, get in touch with us now!

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